Organic Turmeric Powder

Organic Turmeric Powder

Our ground turmeric is grown in northern Florida on a single organic farm. Our close partnership with the famers means we receive the best fresh turmeric, straight from harvest – capturing its vibrant color and flavor in every jar.



Turmeric has gained rightful popularity as a top superfood thanks to its high levels of bioactive compounds. We work directly with farmers of our fresh turmeric root, and dry, pack, and ship our spices within the same harvest season, ensuring purity and freshness without irradiation or preservatives. Third-party lab tested.

Suggestions for Use:

Turmeric goes way beyond curry and can be added to many savory dishes for an antioxidant boost. Some even add it to their morning coffee!


Organic ground turmeric.
USDA certified organic Turmeric from Florida – grown locally with care.


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