Organic Panela

Organic Panela

Panela is a natural, old-world sweetener of evaporated raw sugarcane juice. Made in Colombia today using time-honored and sustainable methods, it is a delicious and versatile ingredient you’ll reach for again and again.



Due to its unrefined nature, panela has a lower glycemic index and the presence of essential trace minerals such as iron. Typically sold in bricks, our organic panela has been ground into an easy-to-scoop powder and can be used in the same manner as white or turbinado sugar.

Handmade product of Colombia.

Suggestions for Use:

With a rich, caramel flavor, panela makes a delicious addition to coffee, tea, or anything where a bit of sweetness is desired. Can be used as a 1-to-1 substitute for granulated sugar if desired.


Organic evaporated cane juice.


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