Ginger Turmeric Infused Honey

Ginger Turmeric Infused Honey

Our original Turmeric Infused Honey’s spicy cousin! The addition of fresh ginger brings a bright burst of flavor along with digestive support.



This antioxidant powerhouse is comprised of three simple, carefully sourced ingredients. The rich flavor of local raw honey is enhanced with earthy and gently spicy turmeric and ginger.

Suggestions for Use:

Ayurvedic medicine recommends the practice of taking 1 teaspoon of raw honey on an empty stomach upon waking. Allow the honey to dissolve naturally without swallowing for 30-60 seconds. This stimulates the digestive system, kills unwanted bacteria, and supports the immune system while providing natural energy to start the day. In addition, this honey can be enjoyed in tea, oatmeal, or anywhere honey is called for.


Raw wildflower honey*, Organic fresh turmeric*, Organic fresh ginger.
*Produced and grown in Florida.


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