Dear Sobann Customer,

With the COVID-19 virus reaching pandemic proportions, doing your part to prevent the spread of such a dangerous virus is critical.

We at Sobann want to take this opportunity to let all our valued customers know that Sobann is taking matters of food, customer and employee safety with a great deal of concern. We have been working with our team members, consulting with medical professionals and food safety experts on a daily basis to ensure we are implementing the proper precautions to keep our staff and food preparation safe. In turn, ensuring our customers are safe as well.

With everyone’s well-being in mind, we are focusing on the following safety practices.
• All Sobann employees are required to wash their hands with soap and warm water for 20-30 seconds multiple times a day.
• All culinary professionals are following ServSafe guidelines.
• Wearing gloves when handling all products and when finishing dishes with prepared foods.
• Frequent cleaning of all food preparation areas and disinfecting objects and surfaces that have been touched (counters, food preparation equipment, etc).
• Frequently cleaning of all company vehicles transporting food
• Use of disposable serving pieces or utensils whenever possible to handle dishes
• At the first sign of any illness, employees will be sent home to fully recover before returning to work

Additional practices are communicated with our team:
• Covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing
• Use hand sanitizer or wash hands regularly throughout the day
• Wipe down door handles, phones, and other equipment with disinfecting wipes

We thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support of the company. Please know Sobann take matters of food safety and customer and employee health seriously.